[INKPad – Inspiring Notes from the Keeper (INK). Pad – Soft spot on the scribes heart that the Keeper uses to develop and print INK.]  One Sunday afternoon, after returning home from a moving message at church, something began to stir inside of my heart and mind. It continued to build, like the swell of a tidal wave.  I wasn’t sure what was happening.  The familiar spiritual voice encouraged me to write but I had no topic in mind.  As I picked up my pen, the words began to flow onto the paper.  When I finished, the message was clear – the moments in my life would be used to draw others closer to Him.  I then realized that I am not the author, merely the scribe.  From that experience, INKPad was born.

Some will argue,  “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Others say, “the best teachers show you where to look without telling you what to see.”  I ask you to allow me one thousand words to paint an inspired picture so you can then share what you find.


© 2014 Valencia68

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